The Line Kings

What do you get when you cross two of the UK’s most brilliant kids performers?
The Line Kings – that’s what!

First - Ian Billings, writer for stage and screen (including CBBC’s Chucklevision) and author of many fine kids books. His giggle-riddled stand-up comedy show has taken him to theatres and schools and libraries throughout the world …and beyond!

Second - Chris White is a peculiar performance poet as well as author and illustrator of many mind-boggling books. Like Ian, Chris has travelled all over the place to perform to family audiences….sometimes when they didn’t even want him to!

90 minutes of crazy cartoons, potty poems, silly stand-up plus whatever else they can think of…all served up with a side order of wacky and dollops of loopy for ages 7 upwards!

So, form a line for the deranged double-act described as ‘extremely witty, intelligent and very, very funny’ and ‘magnificent, brilliant and joyful.’

“… great hour of fun and laughter for kids, and certainly worth four stars = Highly Recommended.” Fringe Review ****

“Ridiculous thoughts brought to entertaining life!” The List

About the authors/artists

Ian Billings is a UK based kids stand up comic, poet and author.
Among other things he has been a street entertainer and juggler at Alton Towers.  He then adapted four children’s classics including Wind in the Willows and Alice in wonderland and achieved a masters degree in playwriting in 1999.  He has since written episodes for Chucklevision.  His books include Born to Giggle, Sam Hawkins, Pirate Detective and Chocolate Meltdown.

In 2007 he started stand up for kids at Edinburgh Fringe which has been a huge success including a five star visit.

Chris is the author of many fine books ( and one or two very dodgy ones )
Chris also scribbles drawings. His creations include Bitey the Veggie Vampire, Wang Foo the Kung Fu Shrew, Dave the Hamster and Stumpy the One-Legged Pigeon. He has also illustrated other people's work - sometimes without them knowing...
Chris has also written for the BBC, featured on radio & television shows and  has travelled around the world bringing his poetry alive for lots and lots of people. He has performed in theatres, libraries, schools, prisons, shopping centres, hospitals and festivals around the globe - but not all in the same day, as he gets a bit tired...

Along the way Chris has been on radio and television shows, written for the BBC, done workshops for the UK Government, had a book published in South Korea and has an app available for your ipads and iphones.


Some video of footage of the Line Kings in action.

Tour Information

28th February 2015 2:30pm
Pocklington Arts Centre
29th May 2015 2:00pm
Helmsley Arts Centre
30th May 2015 2:30pm
The Civic, Barnsley